We're building a better way to code

At Trunk, our goal is to help teams build software better, faster. We formed in 2021 to create a holistic developer experience toolkit and now we’re backed by phenomenal investors like Andreessen Horowitz and Initialized Capital. We’re a hybrid remote team spread across the country, with an office in San Francisco.


Our team has led and delivered large-scale software and design projects in multiple startups and high-growth environments like Uber, Google, Amazon, and Sentry.

David ApirianCo-CEO/Founder

Previously: Uber, BitTorrent

Favorite ingredient now:Sichuan peppercorns

Eli SchleiferCo-CEO/Founder

Previously: Uber, Google

Favorite hobby:Woodworking

Matt MathesonFounder

Previously: Uber, Microsoft

Favorite Outdoors Activity:Mountain Biking

Chris ClearwaterFounder

Previously: Uber, Aristocrat

Favorite food:Eggs Benedict

Tyler JangEngineering

Previously: Appian, Duke University

Favorite movie:Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

Gabe Al-HarbiEngineering

Previously: Uber, Verseon

An interesting place I've traveled to:Bumpass Hell in Lassen Volcanic National Park

Suzie RossRecruiting

Previously: Roblox, Discord

Favorite hobby:Building LEGO

Federico WeberEngineering

Previously: Buffer, IFTTT

Favorite hobby:Making things, with bits and atoms

Vladimir ZaytsevEngineering

Previously: Uber, Amazon

Favorite hobby:Cameras and Filming

Phil VendolaEngineering

Previously: Lutron Electronics

Secret talent:I can clap with one hand

Dylan FranklandEngineering

Previously: Narvar

Favorite Pokémon:Haunter

Chris ClarkDesign

Previously: Sentry, Spring

Favorite hobby:Vacuuming Pet Fur

Maverick ChungEngineering

Previously: Meta

Favorite hobby:Hacking

Riya NarayanEngineering

Previously: Meta, UPenn

A recent place I’ve traveled to:Colombia

Patrice Boisclair-LabergeEngineering

Previously: Google, Nvidia

Code-free escapades:Camping and Skiing

Ventsi TsachevSales

Previously: Triplebyte, Google

Favorite passions:Sailing and Traveling

Joshua MarinacciDevRel

Previously: Mozilla, Lyft

Favorite hobby:Retro game development

Matt WhiteEngineering

Previously: Meta, Jungle Scout

Favorite sci-fi protagonist:Ciaphas Cain

Tyler BeebeEngineering

Previously: Spotify, Kickstarter, Meetup

Favorite coffee:Nitro cold brew

Robert EperjesiEngineering

Previously: Uber, Agora

Favorite open source software:Blender

Jared BeanEngineering

Previously: Duolingo, Google

Favorite song to sing in the car:“My Favorite Things” (Sound of Music)

Adam YostEngineering

Previously: Dynaboard, Kabbage

Favorite hobby:Skiing

Vincent GeDevRel

Previously: Appwrite

Favorite coffee roaster:Thom Bargen Roasters

Monica MulhernRecruiting

Previously: Mapbox, Roblox

Favorite hobby:Running, hiking

Katherine ChaoEngineering

Previously: Google, CourseHero

Favorite hobby:Painting whimsical things

Alexander GraebeHead of Product

Previously: Uber, Dapper Labs

Favorite hobby:Long-distance running

Our Company Culture

Here at Trunk, we aren’t just building dev tools; we’re creating an environment that promotes ingenuity and self-expression. We’ve done the corporate thing, and we’re over it. We've designed a culture around three core tenets: initiative, autonomy, and empathy.


We're in a space where stagnation equals obsolescence. We believe in trust rather than oversight. We encourage our team to take initiative and we’re nimble enough to thrive on it. Have an idea you think will move the needle? Go for it! Great ideas are worth it.


Want to work at off hours? Need to walk your dog or visit your therapist in the afternoon? Do it. Just hit your deadlines, show up for the few meetings we have, and treat each other with respect. We trust your judgment, your skills, and your vision. Here, you will have the freedom to shape our products, enhance your expertise, and contribute to the growth of our company. We understand that not all great work has to happen between 9-5 so how and when you work is (mostly) up to you.


Because we are developers building developer tools, we get it; empathy allows us to build what’s right for our customers. We understand their challenges, we listen to their feedback, and we strive to create tools that make their work more rewarding. It cultivates a deeper understanding, mutual respect, and an inclusive and diverse work environment. We set aside personal biases and make data-driven decisions for the longevity of Trunk.


We’ve raised over twenty-eight million from some of Silicon Valley's top investors.

$3.5 Million


Andreessen Horowitz

$25 Million

Series A

Initialized Capital
Andreessen Horowitz